Fall Along With Me
Indie rp for welcome to night vale community
Oc: Jaska Gurevitch
Fc: Ian Somerhalder


He laughed. “Next time, I will.”

"Do not hope for a next time."


Nic raises a brow, “What if I just kiss you then?”

I don’t want to control my temper.

You can try.” He smirks and straightens up a little.

"You have to or you’ll be on these stairs all night."


Nic laughs, shaking his head as he walks over to Jaska’s side, “Will you just kiss me already?”

I don’t do that, kid, I’m a fucking demon.

Jaska turned around to rest on his elbows, “Maybe if you beg a bit moe I’ll think about it.”

"so an all powerful demonlord can’t control his temper?


Nic just grins, his ears tinting red. “I don’t think I’d mind that.”

Get. The fuck. Out of my way.

"No. Not until you start acting nice!"

Jaska smirks and walks over to the window bending over to lean on the ledge.


Lykos growls, still trying to get Vince to move out of his way. “Move it, shrimpy!" He snarls, frowning angrily.

”..Yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing.” And then he smiles, “I would love to join you, thank you.”

He smiles and walks over to kiss Nic’s cheek, “SHould I lean out the window to watch for Felia so you can have something nice to look at while waiting?”

"Not until you calm down!"He frowned and grabbed Lykos’ shirt. "I thought demons were cunning."

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He let out a small chuckle and let they boy see his hand. “You are much taller than I thought you were going to be and don’t worry. I can handle a burn or two. If I hadn’t shoved my robe into the shackles my wrists and ankles would be burning constantly.” He was smiling at the…

The wizard nodded and watched the boy work, “You have very gentle hands….I could teach you to be a better apothecary if you wish.”

Fantasy au + VInce [S&s] ▷


Vince stops himself on the stairs and whacks Lykos’ nose. “Stop that!” He frowns and crosses his arms as the other two escape up the stairs.

What a good pupil.” Jaska smiles and heads for the kitchen whispering a spell over the brew before getting out the glass jars. “Ah…

Vince frowned and stood his ground, “Go sit back down you grumpy jerk.” Jaska smiled wide at Vince’s attempt at an insult as he lined the bottles into a small wooden case before handing them over. "remember to try and take one every two days. Also if you wish you may join us for dinner. Felia is going to go hunt something now." with that said jaska opened the kitchen window and let his familiar fly out towards the forest.
Fantasy au + VInce [S&s]


Are you kidding me?!" He snaps, trying to get to Jaska but avoiding Vince entirely.

"Ah, yeah, we do, don’t we?" Nic helps Jaska up the stairs backwards.

Vince stops himself on the stairs and whacks Lykos’ nose. “Stop that!” He frowns and crosses his arms as the other two escape up the stairs.

What a good pupil.” Jaska smiles and heads for the kitchen whispering a spell over the brew before getting out the glass jars. “Ah next time you visit please bring back the used bottles so I may use them again. Its expensive to keep making them myself.”

Vince huffs and flattens his ears. “That was rude to Master.”

Fantasy au + VInce [S&s]


Excuse you?!" He snarls, pouncing to go attack Jaska.

Jaksa puts Viince in front of him and laughs, “Why else would I feed you while you’re in a circle. Ah Nic we need to finish your potions!” He walks backward keeping a very confused and shocked Vince between him and the angry Lykos.

Fantasy au + VInce [S&s]


Lykos groans, but takes the meat and rips a bite out of it with his teeth.

Jaska waits till he eats all of it before smirking and breaking the circle. “Vince, this is now your guardian.”

Fantasy au + VInce [S&s]


He raised a brow at him, “I still can’t reach that.

"Lykos, you can reach just fine. Use your damn arms."

Jaska grabbed vince by the back of his shirt and placed his foot infront of his to keep it in place s he helped Vince lean forward till the meat was right against Lykos’ lips. “Take it.”

Fantasy au + VInce [S&s]


Lykos groans, sitting still politely. “Fine, fine, whatever.

"—How do you get him so calm?"

I’ve known him too long to fear him and he knows I always follow out with my threats. Now Vince give him the food.” Vince nodded and walked forward again holding out the meat for Lykos.

Fantasy au + VInce [S&s]


Lykos groans a little, “God, I hate the way you smell, Nic. Like a dog and a horse went through a blender. You need to stop going to the stables.

"Fuck off." He sighs, shaking his head and staying close to Jaska.

"I will throw holy water on you." ha patted nic’s side before walking forward and pulling the vile from his pocket. “And I will seal you away for good if you don’t stop.” Vince moved out the the way to stand by Nic.

Fantasy au + VInce [S&s]


Lykos frowns at him, “Shifty should trust me. Why would I do you wrong?" He raises a brow in challenge.

"Mm? Do you want any help?" He turns and starts to follow him, chewing on his lip a little. Okay, maybe he just really wanted a chance to stare at Jaska’s ass again.

Because you’re an asshole trying to take advantage of a young boy.” Vince jumped a little at Jaska’s voice and alllllllmost stepped inside the circle. His foot was about an inch away from it as he leaned back and stepped away.

"I wasn’t going to go in!" Vince’s ears and tail both popped out, his tail was bristled from the fright and his ears were back. "I promise…I’m just too short for him to reach his food." He shifted a little and smoothed his fur down.

Fantasy au + VInce [open]


Who said he has to know?" He raised a brow, giving Vince a kind-looking smile. "I won’t tell him, I promise.

He groans a little, “Lykos is so annoying, though.” And then he shakes his head, “I’m sorry you have to deal with him.” Nic’s grin grows wide, “Thank you for all these, by the way.”

Vince went into thinking again but his fox pup growled and pulled on his pant leg, “Shifty says you’re lying. He doesn’t trust you. So please take your food.”

Jaska chuckles and nods, “He is annoying but easily managed despite being a demon lord and it is my pleasure. Gives me time to find new ways to tease you." He smirks and plays with the collar of his shirt, before frowning at the sight of Felia coming upstairs and perching on his shoulder. "It seems my apprentice is being played with." He lost the friendly air around him as he moved the brew off the heat and headed back downstairs.